3 simple steps to Smart Business Automation

by Tiina Wilen

One of the Key Growth Assets we help our customers build is business automation. There are multiple places where automation makes sense, and when you are putting together your business infrastructure, you will need to explore the different possibilities. Here are 3 tips for creating your next automation:

  • know what’s the trigger, ie what gets the automation started
  • know what’s the follow-up, ie what happens in the sequence
  • know what is the drop-off trigger, ie what stops the automation and what happens then

Example: you have a design business, and you are generating leads with video. On the thank you page, your new lead can book a call (sales event). You also build a 2 weeks follow-up sequence that is continuing the discussion topics shared in the video AND invites your new lead to book a call.

What’s crucial for an excellent client experience: automation 5 needs to END automation 3 when the lead booked a call!

This means: as soon as a lead in the automation has booked a call, AUT 3 terminates for that lead, and new automation starts. This way, the automation does not keep sending invitation after invitation to a lead who already booked the call. Of course, AUT 5 is a CALL FOLLOW-UP automation that starts preparing for the call by sending relevant information and assets for the prospect to consume before the call.

This is why it’s called business automation, and it’s really crucial to get it right. A poor customer experience at the gate kills conversions and is a waste of effort.

How to make sure this is right?

You should not over-complicate your business infrastructure, but you should pay attention to the details of your automated business processes. Here are 3 steps:

  1. have a clear strategy for what success looks like
  2. map out each step on the buyer journey
  3. use tools that talk to each other, i.e. have ready-made integrations. In this case, there are only 2 tools: email system and calendar system. Once the person books a call, the calendar system sends a notification to the email system to “do something”, ie stop AUT 3 and start AUT 5

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