Asking the right questions at every stage is critical

by Tiina Wilen

At the Growth Stage, the question you must ask is: HOW.

“How do I (re)position my business so I can only serve the best of the best clients?”
“How do I design my service/product suite so that I can grow without stress and overwhelm?”
“How can I turn my marketing and sales into an ever-going engine that I no longer need to worry about?”

Those are highly relevant HOW questions when you make the intentional decision to grow.

The Scale Stage has a different set of questions, these are the WHAT questions.

“What should I do to take my business to the next level?”

At this stage, your business IS working. It’s been doing that for a while, or for a long time. Your sales work. Your deliveries work. Your marketing works. Your branding works. You, the leader, work (most likely a lot…)

Now, when you decide to scale up or down, your business will change. And that change always creates a lot of uncertainty and raises the WHAT questions.

Of course, you also do need to ask the HOW, but more and more, you will have other people who can figure out the how.

At the Scale Stage, it’s not YOUR JOB to figure out the how… but it’s still your job to figure out the what.

  • Does this make sense?
  • Are you at the Growth, Scale, or maybe Legacy Stage?
  • Don’t know yet?

Join the workshop and let’s figure it out, and create a plan for you!

See you soon!

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