Social sharing system for interior design projects – a checklist

by Tiina Wilen

So, you just completed a design project and it’s time to move on to the next? Not so fast. You need to have a simple social sharing system to share your amazing work, and attract more similar projects.

Social sharing is important

There are many things you can do to leverage the project you just completed, but as for all business owners, your time is limited, so you need a solid system you can hand over to your marketing team, or put to work by yourself.

Before you start sharing the project, decide if this was a project you want more of. If not, then don’t share it.

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is that they share everything, even the ones they actually don’t want to have more of, and therefore, they keep attracting clients that are not ideal.

But, if you already decided that this project is your latest best work, and you want to have many projects like it, then let’s dive into how you can leverage the completed project.

Get permission… in writing

Ask for permission to share the project. You should have cleared this already at the start of your project, but if you haven’t, explain to your clients how and why you’d like to share the project and get written permission.

Collect assets

Collect all the assets you have: the before images, the completed images, the products and vendors you used for the project, and the design boards. You need to have great storage for your assets, so consider using a folder in Google Drive, DropBox, or similar file storage and sharing system.

TIPS: turn the before-image into black & white images, or use some other filters to clearly separate them from the after-images. Even though your readers will most likely understand which ones are before and which ones are after shots, you can highlight the transformation even more by using different types of filters.

Create the project story

Write a short before-story and ask your client to approve it. You can interview your clients and ask them to share the desires and needs they had when they decided to get started with the project. Of course, you also want to collect any quotes they have about the process and the final product.

Tools & platforms

What tools and platforms are you using in your marketing?

There are a variety of social media platforms that businesses can use to reach their customers. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, Pinterest. However, there are other social media platforms that may be a better fit for your business.

Each social media platform has its own features and functions that can be used to reach your customers. You need to decide which tool you will use to publish on different social media platforms. Do you use…

  • Instagram?
  • Pinterest?
  • LinkedIn?
  • Twitter?
  • Facebook
  • TikTok?
  • YouTube?
  • Houzz?

You want to find a tool that makes publishing simple. Some tools work really well for some platforms, but not so well (or not at all) on others. Decide on the tool that you use to publish on different platforms.

Create shareable assets

Use your favorite image editing tool to create the right types of shareable images with quotes for each platform. We love, it’s simple to use, and FREE! You can create several assets with the images you have, both still images and videos. This tool is amazing for creating short videos of images, adding music, transitions, your logo, and other cool elements.

Add social share buttons

You also want people to be able to share your work, so adding a social share button to your blog post is a great way to allow them to do that.

Design the process

When you have figured out where you want to share your projects, you need to create a simple process description that you and your team can use every time you complete a project. We created one for you to download, hand to your marketing team, or put to work by yourself!

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