Weekly ritual

by Tiina Wilen

Happy Friday! One of those important weekly rituals we do is to take a few moments to summarize the week and update the B.O.S. – our Business Operating System.

The system allows us to keep track of all things business – projects, plans, and key metrics. We use Notion for this, it’s a great tool for managing your business. We recently replaces Asana, Evernotes, and many other tools with Notion. Check it out here!

So, the ritual.

Each Friday, I spend about 20 minutes updating the B.O.S. It consists of the metrics we follow, and the projects we run. So I update the status of each project and update the list of Key Growth Metrics we need to track to be able to make smart decisions.

Lastly, I check the following week, create a new weekly planning sheet template (also in Notion), and add my priority items to each day.

That’s all!

How do you close your workweek? I’d love to know, send us a message on Instagram!

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